Hebei Musi Import And Export Trading Co., Ltd.
Hebei Musi Import And Export Trading Co., Ltd.
Hebei, China

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02 Bronze Religious Statue
07 Bằng Đá Cẩm Thạch Lò Sưởi Lò Sưởi
13 Thép Không Gỉ Điêu Khắc

Strength shows

Our Bronze Foundry
We are a 30 years bronze foundry, with our professional clay model artist and adopt the advanced lost wax casting technique, our bronze sculpture has 50 years quality guarantee.
Clay Model
Professional model master make the clay model, it will decided the sculpture looks vivid.
Wall Thickness
Our bronze sculpture's wall thickness is 3-8mm, according the projects' size, provide the most reliable wall.thickness.
Our Marble Carving Factory
Our marble carving factory has 25 years histroy, our professional carving workers carving the great details on the grade A natrual marble, we can provide 50 years quality guarantee.
Our Projects
Our marble sculpture is carved from one whole piece of natural grade A marble, not assembled by glue, 50 years are withour any problem.
Our Projects
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